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Founded & Managed by

Amina Piciotti

Media Ambience is composed by a  team of Public Relations Professionals, committed with passion and ambition to the communication strategies of client Companies. We are a spin-off of CBO Communication By Objectives, a 40 years communication agency, and we fiercely continue the activity of its Founder, Mrs Maria Pace Medolago Albani.

Our aim is to give visibility to news and activities of Agency Clients, in our country and abroad.
The Agency communicates with various targets, particularly with the media and with consumers, influencers
and professionals in several markets.
Media Ambience creates, edits contents and evaluates outcomes and results.
Within the media relations, the Agency offers to Clients further services to support the communication such as the
social media management, video and audio production, audit and panel organization, contents and
database for newsletters and invitation, event creation and management, press conferences, media
buying and web marketing solutions.
Furthermore the Agency collaborates with best valuable partners and suppliers to support clients activities.


We are a proud Member of the EURACSIS network. Pracsis which leads the Euracsis network of agencies, has taken steps to ensure that all of the company’s operations — on its premises and at the events that it organises with its Euracsis partners —are sustainable

Contact us

+39 02 85458311

Where we are

Corso di Porta Nuova, 34 20121 - Milan